Lou was in Minneapolis MN for Rockstar Uproar when the tour began and he was there when it all ended in Madison WI. “I thought it was an amazing array of talent both new and old,” said Brutus. “I loved every second of every set.”

Brutus was in the photo pit for the mainstage bands including Stone Sour, Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed. We’ve posted the pictures in the Music folder of the Rogues Gallery section of this site!

uproar-a7x uproar-disturbed uproar-ssroot uproar-stonesour


While with Disturbed on the Rockstar Uproar Tour, Lou was informed by the members of the band and their video crew that he’ll be seen in their forthcoming new DVD “Decade of Disturbed.” Not sure what they’re using with him in it but the assumption is that its material from one of Lou’s many face to face interviews with the group. When he found out he’d be so honored Brutus said, “It’s humbling to be included in such a monumental release by a band I have such love and respect for. It’s been great watching their rise these last ten years and being able to go along for the ride. If Disturbed’s next decade is half as good as their first it will be freaking amazing.”

The film will be premiered nationally in theaters and then hit shelves on August 31st. You can check it out here.