For the second time in seven-years, a total solar eclipse recently swept the United States and Lou Brutus was on hand to photograph the spectacle. Dubbed The Great North American Eclipse as it crossed from Mexico into the USA and then finally up into Canada, it was the last total eclipse in the lower forty-eight states until 2044.

After months of planning, LB flew into Columbus, Ohio the morning of the eclipse. He had chosen a spot just north of the city in Lewis Center, Ohio to set up his equipment. The location was picked as it got him far enough into the Path of Totality to see a total eclipse of one-minute and fifty-seven seconds, but not too far away from the airport as he needed to be on a flight back shortly after totality ended. The plan came off without a hitch and Lou was on-the-air according to schedule that night.

In the run up to the event, a number of news outlets used Lou’s eclipse photographs from 2017 in new articles including Yahoo Entertainment here.

There are three major eclipse events on the way in the coming years including Spain 2026, Egypt 2027, and Australia 2028. Lou his hoping to catch at least one of those. As he said shortly following totality in Ohio, “You have got to see a total solar eclipse at least once in your life. It will fill you with shock, awe, and a sense of wonder. It’s kinda like a Slipknot concert in that respect.”