Since the dawn of time, men and women around the world have begged the music gods above for a dry goods emporium which sold items that featured the lovable mug of one Lou Brutus. We are happy to announce that their desperate pleas have been answered!

The Official Lou Brutus Merch Table is now open! It features t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, mugs, and anything else we can slap LB’s face on in the hope it will convince you to part with some of your hard-earned greenbacks. Shirt sizes up to XXXL. Just hit the MERCH tab to get to the store!

By request, we’ve also added copies of Lou’s book Sonic Warrior which have been signed by both he and Darla the Wonder Dog! What else would you to see sold? It doesn’t matter to us, so long as it convinces you to send us your money for it! Let us know your suggestions for the types of items you wanna see.