Brutus loves taking part in musically themed hashtags on Twitter and so was stoked to be invited by @HashtagRoundup to guest host his own game.

It was Tuesday January 22nd that LB joined up with @MusicalHashtags for #RoadRockers. Basically, it was word play puns mixing automotive terminology with your favorite bands and musicians. Not to be outdone by anyone in the bad pun department, LB led the way when the game began with entries like Avenged Manifold, MiniVan Halen, Linkin Parking Garage, Metallicar, and Pontiac! at the Disco. It got even punnier from there.

The hashtag quickly went to the Top 10 on Twitter worldwide. Many thanks to @RobinDWoskin for the invitation to guest host. Hope you’ll have Lou back again soon!