Brutus loves taking part in musically themed hashtags on Twitter and so was stoked to be invited by @HashtagRoundup to guest host his own game.

It was Tuesday January 22nd that LB joined up with @MusicalHashtags for #RoadRockers. Basically, it was word play puns mixing automotive terminology with your favorite bands and musicians. Not to be outdone by anyone in the bad pun department, LB led the way when the game began with entries like Avenged Manifold, MiniVan Halen, Linkin Parking Garage, Metallicar, and Pontiac! at the Disco. It got even punnier from there.

The hashtag quickly went to the Top 10 on Twitter worldwide. Many thanks to @RobinDWoskin for the invitation to guest host. Hope you’ll have Lou back again soon!


On January 16, 2019 the music world came together to celebrate the life and music of an artist of great talent and integrity. “I Am the Highway: A Tribute to Chris Cornell” was held at the Forum in Los Angeles. The show featured performances by members of Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, and Audioslave. There will also appearances from a Who’s Who of the Rock world including Metallica, Foo Fighters, Taylor Momsen, Peter Frampton, Ryan Adams, Josh Homme, Fiona Apple, Brandi Carlile, The Melvins, Miley Cyrus, Rita Wilson, and members of Pearl Jam among many others.

While in Los Angeles recording with KISS, LB attended the show and you’ll hear interviews with many of the artists regarding it on upcoming editions of hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus.


KISS Army Radio is coming to SiriusXM to coincide with the kickoff of the band’s “End of the Road Tour.” As a longtime fan and cohort of the band, LB travelled to Los Angeles to spent two-straight days with the band to conduct interviews for the channel.

The interviews were conducted at the KISS rehearsal studios near Hollywood where the band is preparing for their final tour. Lou spent hours with all four band members including Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, and Eric Singer. Virtually every facet of KISStory was covered from the pre-fame days up to the preparations for the farewell run.

“I’ve been a KISS Army member since I was a kid back in New Jersey so spending days with the band in a setting like this was a dream come true,” said Brutus.

You’ll hear the band’s words interspersed with the music KISS Army Radio will launch on Monday, February 4 at 5:00 pm ET via satellite on channel 30 and will run through Sunday, February 17. There will also be an exclusive live performance on Monday, February 11 at LA’s famed Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.


The 2018 holiday card from Lou and Darla has been revealed and it may be the best yet!

Based on Ralph Steadman’s “Bats Over Barstow” illustration from Hunter S. Thompson’s landmark novel “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” Lou’s is “Fear and Loathing at the North Pole.” It features he and Darla maniacally sledding through a frozen landscape.

The art was created by LB’s longtime partner in artistic crime Alan MacBain of the Alan MacBain Cartoon Company.

Inside the card the caption reads, “We were somewhere around the Arctic Circle on the edge of the tundra when the eggnog began to take hold. Suddenly there was a terrible HO-HO-HO all around us and the sky was full of what looked like red-nosed reindeer, all swooping and screeching and diving around the sled, which was going about a hundred miles an hour to the North Pole.”

The art can be enjoyed online. A select few physical cards went out to family and friends. Also, as the best way to get Christmas card from someone is to send them card, Lou mailed off cards to a number of listeners who had been kind enough to send to him.


After nearly a year of working out the logistics, Tobias Forge of Ghost and Lou Brutus sat down for an hour long interview in New York City in early-December.

“Tobias and I have spoken in person on many occasions,” said Brutus. “However, it’s always been around the hustle and bustle of a concert tour. This was the first chance we’ve had to sit together in comfortable quiet for a long form interview. I believe he’s currently one of the most creative and interesting people in music so I’m ecstatic to have had this happen. It’s probably no surprise I picked the band’s ‘Prequelle’ as my top album for 2018.”

Tobias and Brutus made special trips to NYC to make this happen. The conversation was both filmed and recorded at the hardDrive Radio Studios in Manhattan. You can see much of it via YouTube here, here, and here. You can also read about it here on Blabbermouth.

Both gentlemen returned to the area a couple weeks later for the closing night of “A Pale Tour Called Death” at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. After receiving a blessing from Cardinal Copia backstage, Lou hit the photo pit to capture images of the show that you can see on his social media accounts.


It’s that time of year when LB puts together a list of The Top 18 Rock Albums of ’18 that immediately causes everyone to fuss and fight.

“I both love and hate doing these lists,” says Lou. “I love looking at all the great music that came out. I hate that as soon as I publish it, I want to change it. Frankly, it’s also crazy that I’ve limited it this year to just eighteen albums. It really means I’ve cut out some albums that I admire and respect. However, it’s more of a challenge instead of putting out multiple lists of rock and metal albums with up to fifty albums each.” He continues, “The #1 album was particularly hard. In the various versions of the list before the final draft Disturbed and Beartooth both had the top slot before Ghost grabbed it in the final take.

Brutus strongly urges you to publish your own list and respond back to his with the hashtag saying, ” I encourage you to make your own list and post it. I think anyone else’s opinion is as valid as mine. That’s why I list my occupation as ‘Professional Music Fan.’ I’m just a fan like anybody else. We’re all in this together!”

Honorable mentions go to these artists who just missed the cut and who would have been a longer list including Judas Priest, Bullet for My Valentine, OTEP, Parkway Drive, Of Mice & Men, The Struts, Slash and others. Also, some albums that came out late in the year will carry over to the 2019 list including All That Remains.

Here is the list…

18. Five Finger Death Punch, ‘And Justice for None’
17.Jonathan Davis, ‘Black Labyrinth’
16. Shinedown, ‘ATTENTION! ATTENTION!’
15. Tremonti, ‘A Dying Machine’
14. Greta Van Fleet, ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’
13. Halestorm, ‘Vicious’
12. Stone Temple Pilots, ‘Stone Temple Pilots’
11. Alice in Chains, ‘Rainier Fog’
10. Red Sun Rising, ‘Thread’
09. Myles Kennedy, ‘Year of the Tiger’
08. Godsmack, ‘When Legends Rise’
07. Sevendust, ‘All I See Is War’
06. A Perfect Circle, ‘Eat the Elephant’
05. Breaking Benjamin, ‘Ember’
04. The Fever 333, ‘Made an America’
03. Beartooth, ‘Disease’
02. Disturbed, ‘Evolution’
01. Ghost, ‘Prequelle’


Last year, Brutus produced his first ever calendar. It featured images from lighthouses he’s photographed around the world. Yeah, he’s kinda nerdy with that stuff. For 2019, we’re happy to announce two different calendars that you can only get thru social media.

The first calendar is “2019 Rock N Roll Images by Lou Brutus.” It features twelve black and white photos of stars both onstage and backstage that Lou interviewed during the year. Artists include Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Avatar, Five Finger Death Punch, The Pretty Reckless, Slipknot and others.

The second calendar is “Darla the Wonder Dog.” This was done especially by request for Lou’s followers who love Her Royal Pupness. Along with a dozen pictures of Darla through the year including at Easter, Halloween and Christmas, the calendar features special holidays and dates like National Mutt Day and National Puppy Day. Plus, there are birthdays for Darla’s other animal friends like Crosby, Babes and Venus the Meowing Pussycat. (Meow, meow, meow!)

These calendars are NOT for sale and will be in very limited numbers. The Darla calendars were produced in an especially small print run. The ONLY way to get them is to win them thru verified Lou Brutus social media accounts. Good luck.


Hey kids! Get free stuff from Lou and Darla! We’re coming up on the holiday season which is when LB historically sends out goodies to you for supporting his endeavors.

“Just like the old Golden Age radio programs, I like to send out cool stuff to those who listen,” says LB.

Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the following address:

Brutus World Industries – PO Box 361 – Arnold, MD 21012

We’ll stuff the envelope with stickers, pins and guitar picks from Brutus and Darla the Wonder Dog. Select envelopes will also get autographed LB/Darla Topps baseball cards or kitchen magnets.


After a flurry of artist interviews, concerts and photos shoots Lou was able to quietly celebrate his birthday at home with Darla the Wonder Dog.

The highlight of the week may have been Phil Labonte and All That Remains releasing their new album “Victim of the New Disease” on the day before Lou’s birthday to thank him for his many years of supporting the band.

Lou added the following note to his social media feeds, “I am deeply appreciative of your birthday wishes today. I’m a very lucky man in many ways including a career that puts me in touch with both interesting people and free concert tickets. Plus, I have the best pup in the world. Please know how truly blessed I feel. I thank you. LB”


Tonight I’ll be attending the 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia 50th anniversary staff reunion. I can safely say that my life would be nowhere without that radio station. My entire career has been built upon a few lucky chances connected to WMMR, a radio station I grew up on in Central New Jersey.

As a teen, I worked theatre sound and lighting at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. It was a fun job and one of the shows we ran was a multi-media extravaganza called “The Rock N Roll Time Machine.” As my sound booth was in the audience, folks would often ask questions after the show. One day, a gentleman began enquiring about the rights to the clips in the program. When I mentioned he sounded like he was in the music biz, he introduced himself as Rod Carson from WMMR. I swear to God that at that moment a voice in my head said, “Opportunity is knocking. Open the door.” I told Rod I listened every day, that I was on my college station, and that I’d love to get my foot in the door. He graciously gave me his card, writing the name Bev Rohan on it. He said to call her and they’d see about an internship. I got it.

The internship was to be three months but they liked me and I interned for over a year before corporate said, “You can’t have him work for free anymore!” I left for several months but after a Grateful Dead show at the Spectrum one night, I stopped by to visit Pierre Robert who was then doing the overnight shift. John DeBella came in to set up his morning show and while he was prepping the phone rang. It was his producer calling in sick. John slammed the phone down and said to Pierre, “I gotta get a real producer for this show!” I jumped up and said, “Hi, John! I’m your new producer!” He laughed and said, “You got balls, kid. Go sleep on the couch and I’ll take you to breakfast when I get off the air.” We ate, talked, and a week later I quit college to move to Philly to start the job.

A few months into the gig, the program director gave me the Saturday night graveyard shift. I wouldn’t be on the air, I’d just be running pre-recorded shows. However, the extra money and responsibility were very welcome. Several weeks later on one of those shifts, the hotline rang. It was Larry Richman who was the DJ due to be on the air at 9am when the recorded shows ended. He said he was sick and likely wouldn’t make it in. I panicked. What would I do? I called the program director George Harris but he was away for the weekend. I then called APD Joe Bonadonna. “Joe, it’s me! Larry’s not coming in and we’re going back live soon. What am I supposed to do?!?!?!?” He very calmly said, “Sounds like you’re getting your big break. I’d tape it if I were you.” Then he hung up. After fighting back the urge to pee in my pants, I started to get organized. When the station went back live at 9am the first song was Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” I taped the couple of hours I did before Larry limped in and played it for George the next day. He said, “You sound really good. How would you like some regular weekend shifts?”

And that’s how my career began. Instead of working at small market stations, I started at one of the greatest broadcast outlets in history. I was a teenager rubbing elbows with Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, and the members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. All because of blind fucking luck.

I don’t know who my guardian angel is, but I sure do appreciate them.

And I appreciate my years at WMMR. Whether as an intern, a morning show producer, a weekender, or when I returned in the 90’s as a full-time DJ. It’s an amazing place with amazing people. I will be forever indebted to them for taking my under their wing and teaching me the craft. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone tonight.