D4EO Literary Agency of Weston, CT has signed Lou Brutus to represent him in the book world. Led by industry stalwart Bob Diforio, the agency is shopping Lou’s book projects including a tome of firsthand Rock N Roll war stories entitled “SONIC WARRIOR: My Life As A Rock and Roll Reprobate – Tales of Sex, Drugs, and Vomiting At Inopportune Moments.” Chapter titles include “The Time Our Tour Bus Ran Over A Suicidal Crackhead on the NJ Turnpike,” “The Time I Went to the Arctic and Got In A Mosh Pit with A Bunch of Eskimos While Metallica Sang About Sodomizing A Goat,” and “The Time I Attended My First Concert and Threw Up on Carlos Sanchez.” Another project is “One Man – 3000 Concerts: The Greatest Collection of Rock & Roll Shit in History” which brings together Lou’s legendary collection of autographed posters, stage gear, tickets, backstage passes, laminates, set lists, guitar picks, and other music memorabilia he’s gathered from his thirty-plus years of attending historic concert events. It took he and his team five years to catalog the enormity of the collection and ready it for publication. Grammy Award winners Corey Taylor and Lzzy Hale have agreed to do a Foreword and Afterword. Brutus also has an incredible plan for live appearances and viral marketing of the books to his audience around the globe. Interested publishers should reach out to Bob Diforio at D4EO.